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Dispensing Tips & Needles

J.A. CRAWFORD CO. exclusively recommends Nordson EFD precision dispense tips to complete your precision fluid dispensing system solution whether it is a fluid dispenser, valve system, or an automated dispensing solution. Selection of the right dispense tip is a critical factor in obtaining precision fluid dispense results.

Nordson EFD manufactures best in class dispensing tips and needles in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet virtually any fluid dispensing application. All tips are produced in Nordson EFD’s certified silicone-free facilities in the United States.

Optimum dispense tips work as part of a complete system with Optimum syringe barrels and cartridges to improve yields and reduce costs, by producing the most accurate, repeatable deposits possible.

In addition to tip style variety, J.A. CRAWFORD CO. provides expert tip recommendations for specific applications and fluid types from anaerobic and cyanoacrylates to oils, sealants, solvents, and more.

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Find out why dispense tips are the most critical aspect of your dispensing process and how to begin choosing the best one for your application.

Nordson EFD Optimum® components set the standard for quality, consistency and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry. Each patented Optimum dispensing component has been designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable results possible.

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