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Jet Valve Systems

Nordson EFD jet valve systems offer unparalleled speed and accuracy in non-contact dispensing, even for your most challenging applications.

Jetting, or non-contact dispensing, allows manufacturers to dispense small amounts of fluids at faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy. The results include reduced waste, rework, and rejects, and higher throughput yields.

J.A. CRAWFORD CO. dispense specialist can work with you to determine the benefits of Jet Valve Dispensing. On-site demonstration, application lab partnering or full evaluation by the Nordson EFD Application Technical Group are all options. Which ever way you choose we are here to help you optimize your fluid dispensing results.

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See the difference between contact and jet dispensing for higher throughput.

PICO Pulse jet valve, Pulse contact dispense valve, and Touch touchscreen controller dispense precise micro-deposits with exceptional accuracy and control.

Liquidyn P-Dot is a high-performance pneumatic jet valve designed for UVs and other medium- to high-viscosity fluids with micro-deposits as small as 3 nL at a frequency up to 150Hz.

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